• zkhannn 31w

    I am busy as hell. I have my one of the most difficult exam tomorrow. But I can't tolerate anything against my friends. I am not a very good person but I seriously love my friends. And I can't see some senseless person hurting them.

    For God sake stop hurting people by commenting bullshit on their posts. If you don't like the post how much time it'll take to scroll the post. How much.....
    It hurts when People say mean things to such beautiful souls on mirakee.
    I am requesting here. Plzz don't hurt anyone. Don't say harsh words. We don't know what other person is going through so please don't.

    I am not going to take anyone's name here but I qm again requesting.
    All mirakeans need to take a chill pill.

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    If you don't have enough guts to appreciate someone then please keep your mouth shut.