• propreamour 34w

    A little poem when your hurt

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    Random thoughts and love 1

    Its that point when you dont know
    What the person you hurt has been through
    Its that point when it bites him cold and dark
    When you feel it too
    Its true he ridicules often
    But more ridiculed as suffered
    Than to have done

    When that thread snaps nothing remains the same
    That face, that heart, that soul has no longing for
    that shame
    Gladly almost
    Truely you'd never know where you've hit
    Thats the spot he's been hit the most

    And as he is slowly giving up
    Or maybe he has already
    You press him; leave him cold
    Cut the rope he's been slowly balancing on
    And make a halter out of it
    Yet scar upon scar
    It all adds up
    And death takes his toll
    Suffering and remorse presses no shame
    But still
    Your the one to blame