• salynn 11w

    Save me

    Dry in the night
    Sitting alone

    Nothing to see
    Nothing to hear

    Sitting in the night
    Over thinking
    Under thinking

    Breathing heavy
    Wondering when will my life begin
    When will this madness end
    When! When! When!

    Why am I stuck in a place I don't belong
    A place I've fought to get out of
    A miserable point

    So I scream save me
    But no one will
    No one will actually save me

    Not without a note that I owe them
    Not without the show

    They want the glory of saying I helped her
    I saved her
    It was me

    But they are the reason I'm stuck here
    I'm the fool who helps them
    Even though I'm drowning
    The one who gives without end

    I can't save myself and those around
    So I keep saving them
    To feel like I'm important
    To seem like I fit
    To hope

    I save them in hopes someone will save me