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    As I posted a poem yesterday on I wished I was not born into this world and that's what I feel when something in this world our in our country that happens wrong and brings shame to humanity. As some people agreed with the thought and some disagreed and I respect their thoughts and opinions !
    As this poem is absolutely opposite of that !
    I recommend you if you haven't read my previous poems do read that its name is I WISH . I hope you can relate to it and the happiness we get in doing little things !
    I wish you like them and do comment below about how you felt did you liked it or is it relatable to you .
    Lots of love stay blessed ��

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    I wish ...

    For me happiness is that God sent me into this world .

    For me happiness is that I am a girl .

    For me happiness is when I pray and I can feel that my god is here listening to me my complaints,my worries, my sorrows and telling me don't worry my friend everything will be fine.

    For me happiness is my family my friends on whom I can completely rely.

    For me happiness is when my mom feeds me food when I am too lazy to eat scolding and shouting stop behaving like a baby child.

    For me happiness is in lazing my head on dad's hand and trust me it feels like it's the most comfortable, relaxing and secure places of all time .

    For me happiness is in arguing, fighting and punching my brothers screaming out loud that I am not an adopted juvenile.

    For me happiness is when my little brother saves two pieces of Cadbury just because he knows that her sister is crazy for Cadbury's.

    For me happiness is to know that I have some crazy bunch of maniacs that no matter what they will be always by my side.

    For me happiness was in my cat(milky) that unfortunately died.

    For me happiness is in remembering her(milky) and smiling that I will surely meet her in paradise.

    For me happiness is in my two cats and two dog the stress busters of my life.

    For me happiness is in the little things that money can't buy.

    For me happiness is in everything that makes me happy and smile and I thank god for giving me such an amazingly beautiful life .

    Ayesha Kazi.