• raghavendran 5w

    To the Road-hogs

    This poem is about those people who are a menace to the society and who show the least concern for the life and well-being of other people who too have a right to share public roads. The law enforcing authorities alone cannot always control and discipline such unruly elements. A campaign for social awareness about this dangerous activity is the need of the hour.

    To the Road-hogs

    Roads  are public property,
    Hogging them for yourself is impropriety,
    Don't deny others their legitimate right,
    To a taxpayer, it is a great slight.

    Frighten not others with a blaring horn,
    Many travel with the young and the newborn
    Horns have their legitimate use,
    Be considerate and don't misuse.

    Remember pedestrians too have a right,
    They  too contribute their mite,
    Be gracious enough to let them cross
    When they have to go across.

    Many  quadrupeds  on the roads leisurely walk
    And from the middle of the road the speeding vehicles gawk,
    So if you want to escape lynching  by the mob irate,
    Never ever be in a hurry desperate.

    Abide by road rules and don't overspeed,
    It is for the good of all, do concede,
    "Speed thrills, but it also kills" hoardings say,
    On all highways they are on display.

    A cautious man suffers because of you,
    Supersonic speed may end your life too,
    Safety should weigh with you more than speed,
    To sage advice and warnings, pay heed.

    Pull over and to ambulances give way
    And for the well-being of the patient pray,
    This civilian duty  you should never forget,
    Or some other day, you may have to regret.

    Roads are not for drag racing or a wheelie,
    Do so, you end up on a hospital trolley,
    You may lose your limbs or life,
    Or you may kill someone's husband or wife.

    Let not your hot blood cloud your reason,
    Learn from others' tragedies,  a lesson,
    Respect the motto "Live  and let live",
    And the truth behind this believe.

    Raghav R