• wretched_scribbler 5w

    'Returning home'

    Rose up from the bed with intimidating laziness
    Looking afar, I could see the sunrise slowly making its way through
    Overcoming every clump of clouds, hills and vales,
    It entered my soul peacefully giving me enough warmth to survive the day's coldness
    And in the midst of ardor, from nowhere, a voice came mellifluously
    A voice telling me to see your face, to atleast feast on the joy of your presence
    I wrapped up all of my trivial works and headed out to see you
    Amongst the panorama of nature and the beauty of skies
    I walked like an optimist to see you, complying to that little voice
    Abruptly, heart-wrenching songs of the songbirds travelled in from the nearby bushes
    Giving me a sense of hopelessness, a message of misery out from the field of ecstacy
    As my eyes tilted up, the thunders were drumming aloud, briskly
    This time, an intensely flaring lightning was on its way to my soul
    The bright, azereous sky of the morning was disheartened
    For the dark clouds has completely impeded its luminance to get me going
    Its lucid eyes were brimming with irresistible tears, weathering fragmented my heart
    Knowing nowhere to go, I crouched myself, let myself be soaked in the downpour of tears
    Again, the voice ran into my ears, bombarding my eardrum with a message to leave
    And from the deep chasm of pain, I shouted pitifully 'Where should I go from now on?'
    The reply came firmly, 'Go to where you came from, your home'
    'But, you told me to see her', I screamed in utter rage
    'I said it, but the sky says it all that there is no home at where you're heading to' the voice feebly answered
    'Now, return to your home'
    Again, complying the voice, I returned in intimidation
    This time, not by the laziness but by the darkness that surfaced over my soul
    Home - the place from where I started stepping outside in the hope of seeing you
    A place to where I returned, having dissolved all of my hopes in the hands of the unstoppable rain!

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    Returning Home