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    The odds

    Lara and her friends were still in the mines and were kept on going deeper in the mines .
    After reaching at a point Lara and Sam heard some noise. It was not very loud and was like a hush as of someone is trying to say something very slowly. They moved in the direction of the sound trying not to make much noise by themselves. Moving a little further they foumd a lady doing some sort of practice regarding magic. She was enchanting something and all of a sudden she turned in their direction and said,"i know you are here, come out."

    Lara and Sam were confused and they did as the lady said. After seeing two teenages the lady asked them why they were in those mines. Both of them told the lady about the stories they've heard and the reason for them to come in the mines for the very first time.

    "So , nothing happened. Both of you are alright and now you know there is nothing here in the mines. Now go back to your houses."the Lady said.
    Sam replied," i don't think so. One of our friend has committed suicide after we came to the mines."

    The face of the lady went pale on hearing this. She started asking questions like "when did it happened?"
    "How old was she?"
    "How did she die?"
    And so many other questions. Lara and Sam were so surprised to see the change in her just after hearing about Joe's suicide.

    They both asked her what is she doing here and if she is the one to whom they refer as the witch of the mines. The lady didn't said anything for sometime. Then she asked,"tell me what happened to the girl."
    Both Lara and Sam started explainig everything to the lady. How they came here the impact it had on Joe and whatever happened after that.

    The lady said how much time it has been since they first came here. Lara and Sam lokked at each other for a moment and said its been 4 weeks and continued to saying almost 5 weeks. The lady suddenly started gathering all her belongings and told them to follow her. She said, "we need to get out of her as soon as we can." Lara and Sam were confused and they did not wanted to follow the lady. So Lara said,"we are not going with you." As the word came out of her mouth the whole mine had a concussion and Lara and Sam soon were following the lady. Sam took out his phone to try to call Lee and Andy but it did not had network. They ran as fast as they could and soon at the point where they have parted. Sam started running to the other side but the lady said ,"you don't want to go there if you know what it helds."
    Sam said," i know what is in there and that's why i want to go in. I 've alredy lost one friend amd i am not loosing any more."
    Saying this he ran inside that part of the mine and So did Lara.

    On going a little further in that part, they felt that it doesn't had any type of concussion or shocks as they felt earlier. So they kept on going to look for Lee and Andy.
    When they found them they told them about the shocks. Lee and Andy looked at each other and told them that they didn't felt anytype.of shocks. They decided to head out of there. And all of them went out of the mines.

    After they went out the lady was still there waiting for them." why are you still here?"Sam asked. Lady said that she needs to tell them about something and needs to talk to them.