• amsterdam 9w

    I dunked a chocolate chip cookie into a cup of freshly brewed coffee you made ten minutes ago and my tongue was shocked at how it tasted like your premium lies.
    Everything was oh so familiar, the same bitterness swished the insides of my mouth and it lingered for a while as flashes of deception pirouetted in front of me wearing flashy outfits that looked like your phony affection.
    I blinked a few times as neon tears paraded my eyelids, blinding me like how the 2 o'clock sun does on days hotter than your scorching temper.
    I noticed dark patches on my cheeks and upon closer inspection of my face, freckles gathered on my cheeks and the tip of my nose like neighbors on the lookout for the latest scandal of the day.
    I traced the dark patches from my cheeks down to my neck and arms and I came up with a conclusion that they were of the same shade of the many dark secrets you have been hiding in your closet all these years.

    #furniture #domesticviolence

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