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    What is broken, may never break.

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    Broken homes.

    broken kids come from broken homes
    the good ones haven’t been in one
    so, they don’t know what it’s like
    to come to an empty house
    that’s filled with people
    and, they don’t know what it’s like
    to be lonely from infancy to adulthood
    surrounded by shadows of “friends”
    they don’t understand the concept
    of fearing love, for the broken kids
    end up, in everyone’s beds
    they don’t know what’s like to dislike
    their own shadow and detest being in
    the presence of their own thoughts
    they don’t understand how drugs and
    alcohol aid thinking at times when
    all that looms in their mind is doom
    and, they don’t understand what
    i’m writing about, but i do hope
    some day, someone who hasn’t
    embraced being a wreck
    drops by and helps these broken
    kids build their homes
    because we’ve had one too many
    broken homes passing on
    from degeneration to degeneration

    the home i make will be a shelter
    from the ruthless world
    where love is not a wild concept
    beyond the grasp of my unborn kids
    and their idea of love will never
    revolve around being abused
    my home will have a breathing space
    for thoughts, ideas and dreams
    where my kids don’t have to
    think who they have love for
    looking beyond what lies
    in between their thighs
    my home will make my kids
    grow up prepared, to face the world
    and overcome anything that
    holds them back from doing what
    they always have wished to
    the home i make will be a shelter
    from the ruthless world

    and if i do make a broken home
    i will bear no kids, for broken homes
    make broken kids and i do not want any, to pass on my recklessness to
    i want who comes from me
    to understand that kids from good
    homes and the broken ones
    are all worthy of the same love
    my doors are open to the broken kids
    who’ve wanted a better home, for
    broken kids come from broken homes
    but they have no need to pass it on.