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    Rings of love

    Chapter 8 - Back to Zero

    "Erza you are the desire of Juvia , me and Mikasa are the deep interests , this means Sekai will take you back in time and not us " Winry says . " Juvia , Erza the fate of all those who died that day lies into your hands " Mikasa says . " We will definitely succeed " Erza replies as Juvia pulls out Sekai from the idol's finger . The moment Sekai is pulled out , a loud sound ensues and a surrounding idol starts to move breaking free from the rock . " In the name of Violet , the ring goddess , I , Levi order to you return Sekai to the Idol " The idol said . " Levi , the legendary warrior of the ancient times " Mikasa says in a worried voice . " Juvia hurry up , insert Sekai in your finger" Mikasa screams. " I gave you a chance to return Sekai and leave this place but seems like you all are eager to die " Levi says and jumps towards Juvia , Mikasa kicks Levi mid air causing him to fall several feets back , at the same time juvia inserts Sekai in her finger . Seconds later Juvia's body falls on the ground and Erza disappears in form of Sparkles . " Winry , Juvia's consiousess has been transferred to her past self , its up to the two of us to protect her body " Mikasa screams as she breaks a nearby idol and takes its sword . "I was given the responsibility of protecting Sekai , there is no way I'll fail" Levi says as he breaks a nearby idol and takes its sword . " I'm so scared " Winry thinks as Mikasa and levi are about to clash.

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