• alisdaire_ocaoimph 9w


    .....this is not a poem.....

    I have been writing for a long time
    Been in many poetry sites, online
    From when almost it all began
    I have been published in magazines
    Poetic quarterlies, university press
    And a few anthologies that I accepted requests from for charitable goals. Feed the children, breast cancer , etc, etc.
    Mirakee has alot of wonderful writers here, some long term writers, others new to the craft. I wish to express a few things about what I've seen, that should be addressed
    1) people leaving you messeges, that if you follow them, they will follow you.
    They will say nice write, nothing more then request you follow them...what bull shit, they never even read your post...and you'll see the exact same thing written exactly the same way on other poetry pages here...stop them...delete their post...they don't deserve to be followed.
    2) I have had numerous people send me messeges to like a you tube site of theirs, often to find it not that person but some guy...that's using fake mirakee accounts to get people to like his work...great if your so good do it on the merit of your work....not in promises to follow others on mirakee.
    3) now this one is important...notes on your poetry from publishers, offering your work to appear in an anthology..it's a scam....let me tell you how it works...they hit writers like yourself, make you feel great they noticed your writing( please note...they say the exact same thing to everyone) you give them permission to use your poem...freely.
    They print your poem, tell you, you can by a copy of the book for so much...which you send...but these people have hit hundreds of people, and they have all sent, and all want a copy of their poetry in a book. Your not getting anything, they are, they have used your work and others like you to create a book...and print off copies to sell you...they are making money off your work....ask them to pay for your poem...you'll hear a different story.

    A real anthology of work, like the New Yorker, will offer you a set fee for a poetry as well as a free copy of any book it appears in.

    ******Please be wise, alert, and value your own work for what it is....it's yours, not free for anyone to take and use..and if someone want to use it..demand payment.

    Respect to all my fellow mirakees and friends