• phoenix999 33w

    Monochrome in me

    The monochrome in me.
    It ain’t the lust that I craved for.
    It’s her love that I craved for.
    The way she touches me,
    The way she smiles at me as if she knows every detail of the war taking place in my brain.
    She feels me,
    She heals me.
    She makes me realise that it’s gonna be worth it.
    And that I should be accepting
    But but but,
    everything has to end. That’s the only fate.The good, the bad.
    This or that; yes or no; left or right; truth or lie; love and hate.
    Oops, using and in the last example.
    That must be confusing.
    and it isn’t appealing.
    From the fortune tellers to creating your own world, all are linked and yet everything is just so free.
    from the power of listening to the perception of thinking, all is controlled by you.
    For all I know, in this true lil world,
    I’m here with,
    A world full of lies and fantasies,
    You get up everyday and see the same faces.
    You struggle to make your existence
    Yet you find happiness in others faces.
    You get so high with all your adrenal rush.
    You think too much for no reason.

    the fragrance of her body is all over me.
    Don’t mess with me, says she.
    Both went close unknowingly.
    He wanted to touch her,
    He wanted to hold on to her tightly,
    Cause the action speaks louder than the words, says he.
    no wonder, did she know,
    The monochrome in me..