• unknownpoetess 5w

    sit and and stare at the white blanket before me.
    It's spotted lightly with trees.
    The sight is so beautiful as the snow falls.
    The trees have lost all their leaves.

    I listen quietly to the nature around me.
    The snow is softly pelting the ground.
    There's no sign of birds for they've all flown south,
    But the wind wisps softly around.

    I cringe in the slightest at the snow on my face.
    It feels as cold as ice.
    But I brush it off as I stare at the scene,
    For the scenery is quite nice.

    I take a deep breath, inhaling.
    I believe I smell fresh pine.
    A summer smell just can't beat this.
    This scent is much too divine!

    I have an idea and hold out my tongue.
    The snow lands softly there.
    It tastes like water, it's very cold.
    It's something I'd love to share.

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    Winter feelings

    I sit and and stare at the white blanket before me..................