• chekavar_dairies 10w

    Unknown Angel

    In my journey to eternity
    I found her standing alone with bold eyes
    I don’t know why I stood there to see her
    It’s only her eyes that I can see
    I waited there
    Waited there for the fogs and mist to go
    So I can see her well
    She had scars
    Scars that told me she was a survivor
    One who is stronger than whatever tried to hurt her
    Her eyes don’t had any fear
    In heavy rain I don’t had anything to gave her
    She stepped back to shade of the tea shop
    I felt I know her
    Her vibes was receiving and it was calm
    I smiled
    Her smile was astonishing
    We shared tea
    In the world of pink , red and black
    She chooses yellow
    She is not afraid of anything in this mighty world
    She have everything she want
    I learned she is women of awesomeness and positivity
    She have a baggage of past
    That she used to look to have memories
    That make her stand like this
    And to look in everyone’s eyes
    With confidence
    I was unable to read what was bothering her
    But I know well she can reach her destination
    That thundering sound of her bike
    Awaked the day when It started
    I had mud on me
    But she don’t minded to gave that
    Deep hug of companionship
    That began