• madhusritantry 9w

    I Pray For This Girl

    Oh yes! For the young girl
    Who just landed on Mother Earth!
    The one about to turn five with a smile
    Or the other one who just turned nine
    She is not only mine
    My Mother’s, Grandmother’s
    Neighbour’s or friend’s daughter
    She is like a flower
    Very fragile, yet so gorgeous
    An Angel whose wings are invisible

    I speak life to this young or older girl
    She might not have a say
    But expects the world to be a better place
    Whether affluent or impoverished
    No matter her state of mind
    Her background must not determine
    How she is treated
    Like others, she needs to live
    Indeed, she has to thrive!

    Lord God Almighty
    Sanctify her unique journey
    Save her from the claws of the enemy
    Shield her against any brutality
    Restore her if pain becomes a reality
    Embrace her should joy pass swiftly
    When emptiness fills her heart severely
    May you be her sanctuary!

    Dear Father, please give her
    The honour to grow without being frightened
    Hope whenever she feels forsaken
    Contentment even after her heart was broken
    Comfort when she is shaken
    Courage when malice creeps in
    Calm when she needs peace
    Strength when she is weak
    Freedom to climb on a mountain peak
    And wisdom to tackle any season

    Guide her steps, keep her from tumbling
    My Lord, if she does sometimes stumble
    Lift her up, so she can rise and ramble
    Grant her power to wisely triumph
    On my knees, I plead meekly for this girl

    I may have never met her
    I may not know her name
    I may not be in her shoes
    I may not see her cries
    Yet, I grasp her plight
    Wherever she is
    King of Kings
    Be with her
    Each and every day
    I pray for this girl

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