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    "Sam! I don't want to go to school. They are so mean. I just can't stand them!", howled Ron.

    "Hey champ, listen. Remember what I have always said. They hurt you 'cause they envy you. You're way smarter than them. Soon they would stop irritating you. You can count on that!", I comforted him while dropping him off at the bus stand.

    Our parents died very early in a car accident and since then Ron has been the only family left. I love him way too much and I could literally do anything for him. He's this 9 year old boy with freckles more than pages in his math book. He was skinny and all the hair and patches made him look weird for his age.

    Ron was smarter than most of the kids in his grade. He had almost no friends in his school 'cause everyone considered him to be weird and spooky. Ron would mostly be into his books and in his leisure time, he would sit by the school garden and just watch the flowers and the bees. He would at times murmur something as if talking to them and his classmates found it crazy and for some it was scary. At first they used to tease him, slap him for no reason at all and throw his lunch away. He used to get bullied everyday and cry his way back home. I used to feel bad for him but I was helpless as everyone was against him and even if I complained to the authorities, no one would support him.

    But soon something weird started happening. The guys who bullied him would end up getting into some kind of trouble or would get badly hurt everyday. One would get hit by a ball on his forehead or a running bike, the other might get caught with some illegal stuff which wasn't allowed inside the school premises. And they would be spared the day they didn't irritate him. Soon they started believing that it had something to do with Ron. He probably knew black magic and he was cursing them. I didn't give a damn what others said. Atleast my brother was spared from the misery.

    Ron grew up into into tall skinny guy. He was getting bald from the side and with all his freckles, he started to look even scarier. He got into a college and the same thing started again. He would occasionally get hit by his batchmates and his seniors just 'cause of the way he looked. And this time, nothing bad would happen to them. Ron would get highly depressed with his college errands. They were not just confined to shenanigans and normal bullying. They had started playing with their head and were literally torturing him mentally. But the worst of all was yet to come. A bunch of guys decided to lock in a coffin and keep him in the dump by the morgue, the whole night. They had made a hole on the top just large enough to allow him to breathe. The next morning when they unlocked him and he returned, he wasn't the same. He burst into tears was shivering. He said he was tired of everything and had lost the will to live. He kept on asking what was his fault and cried the whole day. I had never seen him this low ever.

    Something weird started happening from the very next day. A boy was found dead inside a coffin in the same dump. His arms were ripped off and were perfectly placed like a cross on his chest. The next morning, another guy was found dead in the same way and in the same place but this time, his limbs were used to make a cross. The next day, a guys head was ripped off and was found in a coffin. Things were getting weird and terrifying. Ron was the most surprised in the neighborhood as all the boys targeted thus far where somehow involved in the coffin prank. He thought his power was back but this time, it was multiplied 10 times.

    Meanwhile, the cops had become very active with the investigation. It was becoming a bit alarming for me as police had reached the morgue and had started questioning. I should quit my job as the dump incharge of the morgue.

    I had said earlier. I love my brother more than anything in this world. Teasing and bullying in the school days were still bearable but the coffin prank had gone too far. If I had to paint the sky red with blood for protecting my brother, I wouldn't think twice.

    Sourav Dey.

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