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    "Maxi," He purred out. He put his hands on my hips and connected mine to his while searching my eyes for something. Am I fantasizing?

    "Sachin ---" just then soft lips connected to mine, taking like as my first kiss. He moved against my lips fierce and rough as if trying to get a message through my head, sparks and tingles erupted all over my body as he pulled me even closer if that is indeed possible. I was clueless as to what to do so I just stood there, like an idiot. His hands started to go lower and lower until he reached my bottom where he squeezed extremely hard. I let out a whimper due to the pain and on that moment he shoved his tongue in my mouth, tasting and exploring, memorizing every corner of my wet cavern.

    Seconds later, he pulled away.
    "You're mine, Maxi. Don't let anyone touch you, kiss you, f**k you or even look at you! Because I will kill them!" And with that, he walked away leaving me shocked as hell.

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    it's just a matter of thoughts today, when I feel a bit bored. A story which come out in my mind while waiting for him to came online��
    Hope you read guys though I'm not a professional writer ��... Thanks a lot in advance for dropping here.. xoxo �� & ��

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