• shivamkhanna143 10w

    Must Read

    I get it. It's kind of hard to believe new people when you've been broken once. It's kind of hard to love someone else when the one you once loved gave you no reason to love again. It's hard, but it is not possible and that's what you need to tell yourself. That when a new person comes in front of you, with a quite twinkle in their eyes and a soft smile, ready to take all your pain away -- let them. People are not the same and a love that broke you once will not break you again because the one who will give you that love will be different. Just remember that experiences are there to teach us valuable lessons -- and it is not loving that you should be afraid of, it is giving your love to the wrong person. That is what the lesson should be, that is all you should be taking from heartbreak.

    Shivam Khanna