• su_tshant 6w


    "It's always been this way!"
    Shouted the master pushing himself up the chair.
    His eyes fiery, red, body trembling with rage.
    His spits flew across the table straight to the face of a poor farmer.

    "But master we've had no rain this year."
    Said the farmer, in a harrowing voice.
    "So?" The master screamed.
    "Corp yielding is very less, I've my 2 children and a pregnant wife to feed."
    the farmer pleads.
    "And I myself haven't eaten in days, I feel weak."

    The master looked at the farmer, he looked skinny and weak.
    Munching on the chicken leg,the master said "I shall reduce your tax by 10% this year, but shall take your livestock to compensate."
    "But master!"; the farmer cried.
    "Be thankful I didn't take your land." Said the master.
    "Now leave,you filthy bastard."
    "Get out of my sight." Shouted the master.

    Poor farmer left the court with tears in eyes and chin pressed against his chest.

    Shouted the master. "Thud" banging his cup on the table.