• lawal_ade 22w

    Mother Oshun segense

    Oshuuunnnn ooo!
    Omi ooo!

    All venerations to goddess Oshun
    One of the famous mothers of Africa
    The mighty daughter of Obatala
    The goddess of fecundity, prosperity, love,
    order and beauty
    Her cosmetic beauty blinds ugliness
    The thing around her neck is a golden jewellery
    Her hands, wrists and ankles are knotted with ornaments
    The mother of fresh waters, Yemaja
    She who responds, Laketi
    The mother of things outside, Yalode

    Mother Oshun, she who
    Heals the sick
    Cheers the sad
    Protects the poor
    Provides for the needy
    Brings joy to the world
    Plays harmonious songs to the hearings
    of her devotees
    Dances acrobatically with devotees
    Mother of uberous love
    The immortal
    Osuuuun ooo, omi ooo!

    Oshun Ololodi, the diviner
    The wife of Orunmila, Sango, Erinle,
    Oshosi, Orisa Oko, Aje-Shaluga...
    Atupa, lamp - she who sees not herself
    As calm as she is
    When vexed, temtpestuous tempest awaits
    the universe
    Give to her offerings: pumpkins, white wine, honey,
    Fresh water, oil, yam, chicken and burning of incense...
    And she shall accept with abebe, fan
    Oshun, a barren woman but mother of orphans
    Her love spreads across the universe

    Goddess Oshun!