• kemella 9w

    I am poison
    I think you should run
    I will kill you and laugh when I'm done
    You want me and that's why you'll die slowly
    I'll make you miserable, just because I'm able
    Your life I'll make a living hell, only because you fell
    How can you be stupid to fall in love with me?
    Tell me, did you not see?
    How deadly I can be
    I'm broken, and need to be fixed
    Do you think you can fix me?
    Oh, how dumb can you be
    I think it's time that you run
    Cause I'll stay and watch you burn
    I am crazy and deadly
    It's funny how you love me
    Darling, the last person you'll see will be ME
    Finally I think you're lovely just because you love me
    Goodbye my lover, I'll remember you forever.