• samaira2517 6w

    There are love letters in my heart
    That I write to you every day
    Words that seem to bind me to you
    Words that I never say
    Of how I feel stronger in your embrace;
    Since your heart beats in sync with mine.
    Your smile is just so divine !
    But oh,
    When you are quiet and peaceful,
    It's so hard to resist kissing you.
    And kissing you is like eating candy;
    It's so sweet, while I just can't stop.
    You smell like music.
    And everytime I hear it,
    My heart, beats to that melody.
    For these are the ones
    That I know would be my favourite
    Even when I hear them for the first time.
    And most of all,
    You understand me in a way noone else does.
    Cos you are just pure magic,
    That's all.