• ankitasatapathy72 5w

    In this "world mental heath day" tell your dear ones that "it's OK" and my dear the mist dearest one is you.... You please tell yourself "its OK" , its just a phase of life and it will get over soon,.... I know its hard to accept that you still love yourself because you don't know that only but trust me you are the most most important person for yourself, so don't let this phase win ... And remember " you love yourself" so do I.... So do we all.... We all love ourself .... And trust me "its OK" #worldmentalhealthday

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    It's OK

    It's OK not to be OK...
    Don't be so stressed about people's opinion,
    Its OK to have a opinion,
    Its OK to not have a opinion,
    Its OK if you are sad, allow yourself to be sad,
    Its OK if you are depressed, it will get over
    The only thing that is not OK is to,
    " blaming yourself for everything"