• wwoorrddss 6w

    Fear of oblivion

    Sometimes, or all the times we are afraid, maybe afraid that we wont leave a mark just as others may do. Oblivion, thats what i call the fear of disappearing after you already disappeared. Thats what most people call it, maybe in different aspects. Oblivion, I used to fear it, maybe still do, worked hard to be remembered, worked hard to get to the point where everyone knows me and at each step felt complexed, like someone was always ahead, that perfect girl, beautiful, confident and knows how to take over, always feared me. Lost loves, lost hopes to be remembered. But in the end our body is going to meet the ground, so does our deeds and impressions. Working in life to be remembered by the future is not good as working in life to make us remember the things we felt by heart on the last when life flashes through our eyes. Cant be a superhero, dont tryna be one, cant be free from Oblivion dont be a narcissist. We all one day would turns to peices of bones, helping the earth to grow, atleast the earth will remember us.