• clifton2 5w


    You're a genius,
    Because somebody said so,
    Between commercials,
    On the midnight show,
    Cracking walnuts,
    Like a mafia boss,
    Chew them up and spit them out,
    No matter the cost.
    You're a team player,
    In your ivory tower,
    With a twelve gun salute,
    At the top of each hour,
    You've got caterers in,
    So your followers can feed,
    On your leftovers,
    Just like children in need,
    You're a samurai warrior,
    Stalking your prize,
    Swift retribution,
    Straight between the eyes,
    You're the latest cool fashion,
    Like a barbed wire fist,
    Smashing conversation,
    Plunge the knife in, and twist,
    You're a glorious captain,
    All out to sea,
    Just like the perfect persuasion,
    Of compatibility,
    Waving to your public,
    With your seminal pose,
    A small mind in a suit,
    Tied up by fame's bows.