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    Long but try to understand

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    I don't belong here

    Those days, it was all I wanted, nowadays, it feels all the same
    Used to stare at my bedroom ceiling
    Wishing everything could change
    Now it's hard when you're always searching
    For the life that you left behind
    Time disappears
    How the hell did I get here?

    I feel so far away
    Minutes turn to hours and the hours into days, I gave up everything
    You don't know what you got until you throw it all away
    'Cause I don't belong here

    Looking back on the past, all the time I wasted
    Running from everyone that tells me that I'm fading out
    Must be mistaken, I don't feel anything
    You know I got this brain, it drives me insane
    Some days I feel I can't take the pain, I'm gone