• steviepietro 6w

    Random Blues

    the sound of your breathing
    is a song that I long for.
    even the rhythm of your heart
    sounds like home...

    the melody of your silence,
    I crave, for even the euphony
    of your tears speak of love

    is it that obvious?

    how can it be obvious
    when the thoughts are scrambled
    and the breeze blows the ink
    of red, splattering it across
    the asphalt in the shape of

    there are words
    you can't take back
    there are memories
    that you can't let die
    there is passion
    that makes your heart ache
    there are flames
    that won't fucking die

    cos words aren't words to say
    memories are etched into our fragile frame
    passion creeps down our spine
    and flames freeze fears in its track...

    ¬©innoCent & steviepietro¬ģ