• mystifier 30w

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    I miss you mother, wherever you are. Happy Mother's day to all mothers.

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    Where are you?
    Why did you leave me?
    I grew up
    Desperately longing for your presence
    The days when the pangs of loneliness
    Bit into my existence
    Leaving me with painful wounds
    Of questions I could not answer
    Is it that you never wanted me?
    Was I a burden, as opposed to a gift?
    Why did you leave a five-month old infant?
    Helpless and weak.
    A union that was meant to last forever
    Mother and son bond
    Was just but transient
    And I grew up with a void
    That to this day has never been filled
    But its your day today,
    And I guess am grateful
    For carrying me in your womb
    And for the five months we spent,
    Happy Mother's day wherever you are.
    I'll always love you.