• jaggery 6w

    Let scilence preach
    in my shade of wine,
    My heart aches,
    out of peculiar sunshine
    "Scarlet heart,
    to Iron ore,
    I apologise for the sapphire before"
    Seems though you have not met,
    The cologne of golden locks,
    or attire of daisy spread.
    With curiosity ,
    amid the chestnut round eyes.
    The crimson lips that never speak
    or aroma of morning hugs
    and ripples across blushed cheeks.
    "Not either sir,
    I am a victim of happiness
    thou speak of anxiety,
    I witness enthralling warmth
    thy cry over morning hugs,
    I live upon blood in my veins,
    you breathe upon morphine instead"
    Loathsome words,
    furnished with metallic lustre,
    am the one been in and out of state.
    Metamorphosis isn't an appeal,
    its but a sorrow to happen.
    You ought to witness the mellow lands,
    silently via chinks.
    Don't play with frozen fire,
    It aren't meant for chicks.
    Gusty but serene waves that heights
    chasing sometimes,
    sometimes pursued by.
    But alas the baffled up end,
    serve captive to anonymous rides
    but the meticulous one in moana of peace.
    Sharing either's miseries,
    Fix the end for years and ages to come,
    In the same loachans
    together arrived,
    And together died,
    owing the enchanted mallice love.

    © Jaya_chaudhary