• pallavi4 23w

    Habitual Tranquility

    The birds on the tree stretch their wings
    To their friends bid a fond goodbye
    We will meet again when the day is warm
    And the sun lights up the sky

    They flap and chirp and gather together
    No point in flying alone
    Go home we will and rest till morrow
    For The sun to rest has gone home

    The pond beside their beloved tree
    Bears the lengthening shadows of eve
    As the sun slowly disappears
    So does all the chirping cease

    The orange skies breathe their last
    For the last time that day
    Enveloping dark , embellished night skies
    Come galloping to claim their prey

    Half a day with starry lights
    The night does ebb and flow
    Reluctantly let go of their claimed fortress
    As the sun awakens with a morning glow

    Warmth slowly spreads its arms
    Welcoming it's companions , the birds
    Sunny Heat warms their wings
    And the sun smiles as they find , yet again... Their perch