• sagarikadas_ 5w

    Life in a Nutshell 🐚

    Some days are like Sunny side yellow,
    Some look too much like grey,
    While some days the moon plays peek-a-boo,
    And other are like drag and chase.
    But neither are always the same,
    Chances and changes are always there,
    Like a metaphor of a poet,
    Wearing a dark cape,
    Hiding in places,
    Unseen and unknown by the eyes.
    They call it fate and some says it's a destiny.
    And all I could do is play the part,
    I chose to begin,
    Made only for me,
    Into the unknown pre-destined way.
    Where some days are like drag and chase,
    In some the moon plays the game,
    Other are too much like grey,
    And some are like sunny side yellow days.