• authordonbeckworth 23w

    Eyes scan the spam
    But I delete it all
    No more c'list ho's
    No more bein' a troll

    Hurts to look at the screen
    Knowin' the shit I've done
    The lives I've taken advantage of

    Stains a karmic black
    Like footprints in shifting sands
    Tryin' to walk up that hill
    Movin', in one place I stand

    Nah no forest, no trees
    None of that bullshit reasoning

    Just me and stupid mistakes
    Waitin' on the consequences for decades

    So these days
    I turn it off
    Roll a smoky quartz around in my palm
    Invite the great spirit to come live in my home

    Sometimes I get answered
    Weeks can pass with no sound
    But I'm learning to have faith
    In what I can't see that I know is still around