• klarndestine 6w

    The kind of woman I like

    The kinda girl I want.
    That one that'll drag my ears,
    Whenever i refuse to wake up on time.
    That lady that will sit on my laps,
    And whisper dry jokes in my ears all in the name of me getting pissed, which we'd later laugh at when we make up.
    That girl I can stay with in the kitchen,
    Cos I'm captivated with her sweet melodious voice.
    The one that will love me for who I am
    And the one I'll love for who she is
    Without struggling to adapt to each others excesses
    The girl that'll do what ever it takes to raise my head up high whenever my ego is hurt
    The one that'll pray for me in times of trouble and merriment
    The one that'll love my parents just like she love hers
    The one that stands her ground in things that are right
    The one that wouldn't maneuver on me whenever I wrong her.
    The one that will always give me reasons not to drift away and go astray.
    That kinda girl is who I want..
    What kinda girl do you want?