• aranimukherjee 23w

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    Loving is just not good enough
    The promises to bring stars n moon to the feet
    Are nothing but sugercoats..

    First comes the youthful whims..
    All your sacrifices, devotions and love
    Look miniscule in front of a wrong step
    You behave erratic, you sound desperate
    Yet you wished the love survived.. you wished..

    Then comes the career building phase
    The phase when we start calculating.. love..
    The future looks secured and so should our life
    Then y should love left behind?
    You wished it also made through.. you wished..

    And when there's no more left in you,
    When you give up your wishes n dreams
    To the social frenzies n arrange your life..
    You promise to keep the vows n wish love stays right
    Then again you wish.. you can only wish

    Life goes on with our search for love
    Just to find out that..
    Loving is just not good enough!!