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    Pink is the color of rose,
    Pink is the color of sunset at beach.
    Pink is the color of ice cream
    Pink is the color of flamingos.
    Pink is the color of girls.
    Wait Wait Wait!
    PINK is the color girls.
    Since when we started discriminating on the basis of colors. We already had so many things to put bars on our girls right.
    Came home early,
    Don't wear short dress,
    Don't wear tops which shows your Cleavage,
    Don't party,
    Don't talk too loud,
    Don't laugh too loud,
    After all the don't the society has imposed on Girls they brought out the cute PINK color for girls. Thanks for the gift.
    But don't you think if a girl is cute she can bold too?
    Don't you think if a girl strong she is no less than a man?
    Don't you think along with small discrimination like these comes bigger ones too?
    Don't you think boys too can like Pink?
    Don't you think girls too can like Blue or Black?
    So do you think pink is the color of girls?