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    My belief is that writing is the window to the heart (feelings) and mind(thoughts). So follow me and see through the window of my soul��

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    Candy Smile

    You have that candy smile

    That everyone think is so sweet

    You must be happy, cause you're smiling

    No that's not true

    Cause inside you're blue

    Your heart is breaking

    And you're alone too

    Your mother had you alone

    And your siblings fake a smile too

    You're on a roller coaster but your afraid of heights

    You say it's not fair, they say its life

    So you put on your candy smile

    So no one won't leave you

    You're so alone, no real friend

    Cause they don't know you, like you do

    They never will cause they don't want to

    So put on that candy smile

    That smile they think is sweet

    But it's always been bitter

    If only they could see