• nanyaerondu 5w

    I let it go

    Penning this I'm grief-stricken.
    With tears and heart that aches.
    When holding on hurts one needs to let go.
    I'm reminded a dime a dozen of the unending cycle and it's horrors.
    There's chaos in my heart.
    There is a chill in my bones.
    There's chaos all around.
    Everything reeks of insanity and perplexity.
    I scream but there's no one to hear.
    I weep with sorrow and agony.
    One can not be comforted.
    I let go and it hurts.
    I breathe but it hurts.
    I have to keep breathing.
    I can't look back ever again.
    The hardest thing to do is to let go.
    I move on and breathe.
    Time heals all.
    I let it go!