• iloveyousomuch 23w

    LoNg HuGs..??

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    Long Hugs..??

    So today is one of those days.. Figures..!!
    Mom has arrived from her vacation, which lasted one week..
    And im the only child in the house so..
    As i open the door,
    Hey honey, im home.. Come here, i want an hug.. So, i wrap my arms around her,
    And its like 5 seconds and i think im off now..
    She holds me tight for like 30 seconds,
    i ask her..
    Mom youre not going to kiss me are you..??
    She says what..?? As she unwraps her arms off me..
    No, if i want a kiss darling..??
    I can stand just in front of you while you sleep walk..
    Aint my mom a keeper..??