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    They were in love.
    They were in relationship.. A happy one
    But the boy was not at all good in studies
    but the girl was a good student...
    When the boy failed from class 9 to 10
    she left him...

    Years later it was seen that they both were having a luxurious life.. The boy had a beautiful wife but the girl was still single...
    The boy said , "See her.. Lot better than you.. She was with me when I had nothing.. She is with me when I have everything.. She is a true lover not you"
    The girl smile and walked away..
    Later she was in tears because little did the boy know that if the girl wouldn't have left him he would have never studied.. Just to see him successful and happy , she put all her desire..love..happiness and everything in water and left him so that he becomes successful...
    This fact was unknown to everyone
    __________��THATS TRUE LOVE��___________

    ~ Nandona Ghosh

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    L O V E

    Love sometimes
    needs sacrifice