• sukritisingh 11w


    You're a festive exception in my continual change preceding death,
    I love you more with my every next breath.
    I'm glad that this day comes every year,
    I only have words to show that I'm there, though not near.
    To share and live everyday, I desire your presence,
    Only your voice can make my safest longed ambience.
    I adore you like no one else does,
    I'll be your wings to take you away from every buzz.
    My nerves do an extra failing effort to find,
    How come the stardust in you makes you so kind?
    My eyes blink, soothed, beholding your visual aspect,
    My heart beats, pacified, living your moral intellect.
    You can get me like no one else can,
    Now I'll keep you for my entire lifespan.
    It's crazy how people take lessons on finding bonds tough,
    While we be at our best, effortless, ensuring existence is enough.
    You aren't family, yet no less than it,
    We're gonna be friends in states none will fit.
    I kneel down to ensure your evolution against the odds and blues,
    Till you achieve the sky, I'll be there to share the pain of each of your bruise.
    Oh! A happy tear again when I think of you,
    Which will always gleam in my eyes referring to the fortune of having you.