• radslegend 10w

    Who am I?

    This person isn't who I wanted to be,
    This person isn't really me.
    People see me as what's wrong with society
    People see me from there own reality
    Life give us decisions we have to make,
    Life gives only a few choices from which to take.
    Everyday isn't clear to me,
    Everyday I do things to cloud what I see
    I do things to my body and mind,
    I do things that take all my time.
    My vision is blurry from the things that I do
    My vision is blurry I don't see things like you.
    You turn your head pretend iam not there,
    You turn your love and compassion elsewhere.
    There's lot more that are like me,
    There's lots more closer then you want them to be.
    Bad choices put me on this road,
    Bad choices from not listening to what I was told.
    A drug addict!!!