• unicornworld 9w


    What made you think you'll outrun time oh honey?
    They say it's even more precious than money.

    Dollars can be earned and so with it the fame,
    But time once lost never comes back the same.

    There's a time to work, a time to persevere ,
    Make a stand, don't worry about the one's who sneer.

    You flake, you run, hide behind an excuse,
    Your lack of genuineness is such an abuse.

    When it was time you weren't ready to fight,
    You didn't act honey, said time wasn't right?

    Now time's gone,you see it's never stable for any,
    Alas, chances in this lifetime aren't many.

    Your misplaced efforts now has no effect,
    When actions were required you did retract.

    What once was, today is no longer yours,
    Opportunities lost,still gazing at closed doors?

    Time tick-tocks and the world does rotate, 
    You are a little late, poof! time changed your fate