• lempuff 6w

    Things i know, a poem about Some of the things i do and don’t know

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    Things I know

    - I know that salt helps low blood pressure
    - I know that it’s i before e except after c
    - I know that a tomato is a fruit
    - I also know you shouldn’t put it in a fruit salad
    - I know that when the world is spinning all around you you should stop and breathe
    - I know that elephants can die from a broken heart
    - I know that about 6000 people in scotland still speak gaelic
    - I know there’s land under Antarctica, but not under the Northpole
    - I know your eyes are the most beautiful blue i have ever seen
    -I know i plan on spending the rest of my life with you
    -i know...
    - I know a lot of things

    But what i don’t know is:
    -how i found someone as loving as you
    -nor do i know how i got you to fall for me

    But i’m grateful for everything.