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    Life is not ugly.
    Warning⚠️ Contains some vulgar words.

    Series:Life is not ugly.

    Poison, the blood of life. It relaxes you,it takes you to the peak and from that peak,you forget your misery. That view which you see from the everest of your soul,when you empty 4/5 bottles of alcohol is not less than a heaven. When you put hemp inside the cigarette wrapper and just suck like an ass ,awww... you are in heaven dude. There is no harm in smoking,in drinking because there is no harm in enjoying and relaxing. You may live 80 years dude,but I live 100 years just in a puff of weed. By this I live millions of years just in a single life. Its all about art of feeling life. And this is the best art dear prince.
    The prince laughed. "You haven't changed smith. You were joyful and you are more joyful now."

    " Ah ,hell this! I had few asses to fuck at that time,and I have many now. This is my wealth. You deal with territory king. You increase your land...and I increase the good ladies. I bet yah,I have more wealth than you."
    The prince again laughed. His way of talking,totally different than a cowboy,though he grewup as one of them. Very far from city,he passed days with goats and cows taking them to the grazing lawn. Now when he entered city,he transformed himself,otherwise it was impossible to surive for a poor guy in the city of dollars. He engaged himself with top gangs of city and carried his collage alongside. And this man smith was the classmate of the prince.
    "You talk only about girls. you had interest in philosophy as well. I wanna hear philosophy from you,smith" prince loved the boy.
    Fuck off philosophy! That foolosophy. All they make you is fool. And you believe those fuckers. Your philosophy is your life you live. I wasted many years with those fucker's boring ideas. Those words sound boring,mah boy- sound of girls while fucking hard have more philosophy in them. They have deep meaning in them. I tell you,what that sounds like. If they make deep sound like,"ahhhhhh,ahhhhhhhhh",than you must understand they are more satisfied. Whereas if they make short and annoying sound,"Ah, Ah ,Ah", then they are in pain.
    If you understand this philosophy,no girls will ever leave you.
    The prince just couldnt stop laughing. After many years,such a forceful laughter had touched his throat. He said,Smith,you have very good sense of humour. And you are very wise man. Why you have made your soul dirty with girls,wines and weed? You can leave a better life than this.

    Better? I am living best of my life dude. You are the son of a king,you have responsibilities for your citizen and nation. I understand ,you can't do what I do. But boy, I tell you,if you born again and not as a prince,try to live my life. It's fucking great. People say,dont inhale poison. I say them its the necter that take you directly to heaven. You don't need to hire an aeroplane either. Just talk long puff inside,within few seconds you are in heaven boss. Weed,wine and Girls(I say WWG) ,these are the reason ,I want to live more and more. Otherwise,these fucking, cruel,selfish, people are just boring.
    Smith just stopped and after few seconds with watery eyes continued.... King,it really hard to survive if you are not a son of king or a rich person. When I came to this city,I had one slipper,dirty pant and stitched t-shirt. I hadnt eaten any food from last 3 days because I had no single penny. I was born in a poor family not in the family of beggers. So,my heart didn't allow me begging . I went for asking for a job. Seeing my dirty clothes,and hungry face,they just kicked me out thinking I am an usual begger. I approached many shops but they all rejected to offer me a job. Still I couldnt beg. At night I would go to the trash area and find wasted food to eat. For a month,I did this king!
    Smith was weeping. The prince has seen him first time weeping with such unstoppable tears. He with shaking heart and body continued,
    One day,the meth seller,city boy approached when I was sitting at the road side. It was 4 in the morning. There was little light. He came and said," Are you the person?"
    I didn't know what he was saying. But a hungry man can lie. And lied," yes".
    He handed me something and said to call in this number for more stuffs.
    I don't know,how he couldn't know his buyer. Perhaps God wanted to help me this way. I opened the pouch quickly as I was too much hungry. But to my surprise it was meth, and weeds. I hadn't tasted it but had little known about it. For a moment I thought,I can sell this and buy food for me. But a good thought overrode it. I phoned the person,of whose number the unknown seller had handed over me. I directly put a proposal forward," your agent has wrongly handed me something illigal. If I take it to the police with this number,you all are gonna be in trouble."
    "Myaan,myaan,listen don't do that. We have found our agent couldn't recognize the right buyer. We are ready to accept any proposal if you have. Lets settle it here.".
    Ah gosh! I smilled and replied," I want to join you guys and I have no money ...but you need to make me an equal partner." And fuck,they accepted my proposal.
    When I joined them,I hadn't even smelled the smoke from a distant. I didn't like. But slowely,I had to change otherwise I wouldn't look cool infront of them. From then,WWG became my food and life. After a month I had tasted a good food king. And aw...it tasted fucking great. And I accepted this life rather than dying waiting for a cruel,money-minded person to offer me a job. I started using vulgar words from then,otherwise these words were not sane for me. When bad time and huger strikes you,it change you insane and insane man have insane langauge. So don't mind king. You are my classmate and a good friend. I had interest in philosphy hence I joined college after being partner of the myth gang. And there I found you king. I didn't say this to you before,because I knew,you wouldn't be a friend of a myth seller,you are the son of a king. Hence I had hidden this secret. Forgive me king.

    Prince too had tears and couldn't speak. Just wiped his tears.
    Seeing prince unable to speak,smith trying to be fine said,"Ah king and tear! This doesn't suits you dude. Make a happy face. I have known now that you have to be selfish to surive. And you have to lie . You must earn money through anyways otherwise God shows no mercy on you. He just sees you dying.You have to fight back and challange.
    I know there are many good ways to live. But king,when bad time strikes so hard it transforms you into a bad person, and a bad person must maintain his standard. I have invested half of my life to be this bad person. And now I have no strength to invest equal time to be good person again. My parents are not happy but I send them money,good clothes. They know what business I do. They request me to be a good person now. But dude,I tell you honestly,for money I haven't killed any person. I sell myth and weeds. Thats all I do. If myths and weeds are killing people then I tell you cars,trains,planes and midicines are killing far more people. Eventually we die...but right now we must live. And live with dignity.

    Prince trying to smile said,Smith,I didn't know your this secret. For survival what you are doing is okay but just yesterday my princess taught me a universal rule,"you harvest what you sow." I don't ask you to change but I request you to understand this law. And moreover you were a student of philosophy and you might understand more deeply.
    Smith just laughed,nodded his head and said no more. It was time for the prince to return to his palace.