• bhavyagaba 23w

    Out of words?

    Since days passed by,
    And I found no one by my side,
    I found my inner soul,
    Struggling through the harsh wars,
    My head said he won't break,
    My heart said he will crumble your faith,
    I said nothing,
    And I created space...
    My heart was doing fine
    My head wasn't at place,
    Round and round,
    Fucked I was ...
    And hey it was all fake,
    No words release out of me,
    I said sorry after I did wrong and said him,
    That he was false,
    Cause I knew he won't be there for or with me,
    When I'll need him the most...
    And that is what happened,
    When I expected him to be there,
    And support and listen to my wrath,
    He ignored and went away,
    Now he blames me,
    For he says I left him,
    Where was he when I needed him,
    He says it's not a relationship
    Then what was it,
    When he asked me to promise him,
    And wanted to know everything,
    Blames me and hurts me,
    What should I do...
    When you don't give me a choice...
    Now please let me be...
    Leave me alone...