• scribble_abstract 7w

    Not all monsters are big, some are minute and quick.
    They travel all around the world,
    with links that have not been long served.
    The alone mother met her son,
    the kids with dad do lots of fun.
    The aroma of togetherness comes along every evening,
    separate paths are now adjoining.
    The old days have come from so far,
    age and dreams have no bar.
    I am learning what I wished for,
    cooking, painting and writing on shore. Everyone got to know the wrong in our deeds,
    They are moving to grow new seeds.
    Now, he asks me twice did u eat?
    As hearts, souls and the earth has healed.
    Things finally are right, have got chance,
    2020 made a positive glance !!

    -Anu Makkar