• iprefernottosay 5w

    Do With These Words What You Will.

    I feel like I'm driving down a road.
    There is music playing, and I am all alone.
    The urge to drive into a tree, is constantly pressuring me.
    Tears are running down my face and I'm singing along to the lyrics of the music you recommended to me.
    I don't know what to think.
    We were never meant to be, we were never even supposed to be together.
    The terms of endearment that you used to call me, I still get called to this day, just not by you.
    You didn't have this effect on me then, why is it on me now?
    Why am I thinking about you now? Why couldn't I have thought about you when I threw everything away because I wasn't ready to say those words to you?

    I'm happy.
    I'm happy with who I am with, and who is in my life.
    I have not yet come to terms with things I have done, or the reasoning behind them.
    You were bad for me, but I held you close.
    That ankle monitor was bad in your eyes because it kept us apart, and it kept you from getting money for your drugs.
    Three little words that meant the world to you, and I wasn't ready to say them.
    Now, I don't say anything to you.
    I could hate myself for that.
    I could hate myself for not giving you an explanation, or an even an excuse!
    But what good would that do?
    You're not allowed to come back.