• christopherguidry 22w


    Looking for the reasons why,
    I bet you can't see an ounce of fear in my eye.
    Days come like waves crashing on the ocean shore,
    We're closer now than ever before.
    We don't care about anything that you used to try to hurt us with before,
    The schemes and games are becoming the usual bore.
    We've created new life together,
    The bond we share will never break or sever.
    We have all the wisdom and love people can give.
    All we want to do move on with life and begin to share and live.
    I rise to the challenge every day,
    I do all I can to prove to her I'm here to stay.
    I work for every dime Ive been given,
    On bended knees I've been livin.
    I'm doing what I can to give her everything she needs.
    Every night for her my heart bleeds,
    She deserves more than I can ever achieve,
    All everyone out there wants to do is deceive .
    One thing I can promise you,
    She'll never be hurt again by people like you.