• kenpachimo 45w

    To the hopefully hopeless and the hopelessly hopeful.

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    Immortality of Hope

    Every time we fail
    Every time we are hurt
    Every time we hurt someone
    Every time someone hurts us
    Everything seems to be lost
    Everything except a 4-letter word
    Called “hope”

    We hope next time
    We will not fail
    We will not be hurt by anyone
    We will not hurt anyone

    We hope,
    No matter how repetitive
    Our friends who loses someone ,
    The boy who gets bullied,
    The engineer who is jobless
    Shall one day
    Find someone better
    Find strength inside him
    Find a place where he can thrive

    We all hope,
    That everyone
    Lives in peace
    Joy and happiness.

    Sometimes hopelessness arrives
    Just a little spark of hope
    Can drive that hopelessness away
    And make you hopeful again.

    Hope can never die
    Hope always lives
    It lives in our hearts
    It lives for the well-being of people

    Let’s put our hopes on
    The immortality of hope
    - Kenpachimo