• sara_maliha 10w

    My Forest of Enchantments

    When there's no one to listen to me,
    When there is no one for me to listen to,
    When the chaotic mind needs to find solace,
    When monotony caused by ennui needs a splash of hues,
    That old piece of wooden furniture
    Draws me towards itself,
    Like a forest of enchantments enticing me
    To explore the magnificence it bears.
    Adventures from the past centuries,
    The heart-wrenching tales of foreign lands,
    Memoirs of crowned and uncrowned legends,
    Mysteries of the black skies, entrancing and grand.
    The ligneous furniture, though stands motionless
    Its racks contain the cosmic expansion,
    Sagas beyond the boundaries of space and time,
    The bookshelf - a reticent soul's companion.